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Patent profile: flame retardant sunshade fabric

application (patent) No.: cn 2. Application date: 2011.05.18

publication (announcement) No.: CNU publication (announcement) date: 2011.11.23 the elastic modulus of alloy steel is similar to that of carbon steel

main classification No.: b32b15/08 (2006.01) i

classification No.: b32b15/08 (2006.01) I; B32b27/12 (2006.01) i

applicant (patentee): Zhejiang Huaxiang Textile Co., Ltd.

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Abstract: the flame retardant sunshade fabric described in the utility model, which is characterized by globalization through mergers and acquisitions, includes two layers, the outer layer is acrylic coating PA silver coating, the inner layer is polyester and cotton blended fabric, and the inner layer is penetrated by halogen-free phosphorus flame retardant, The thickness of the acrylic coating PA silver coating is 15 μ m~20 μ m. The gram weight is 23g/m2 ~ 33g/m. The utility model has the following advantages: it extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire, does not continue to burn, remains flame retardant after repeated washing, has no toxicity, and has no black smoke and pungent smell when burning. It is a green environmental protection product

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