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The commencement ceremony of Shandong Yuanda Kejian Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the bay new area of Rushan City on June 9. Xudongsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Weihai municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, gaoshuliang, Secretary of Rushan municipal Party committee, and Zhang Yue, President of Yuanda technology group attended the launching ceremony of the project

on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Gao Shuliang extended warm congratulations and full support to Shandong Yuanda construction project. And conveyed the support and expectations of vice governor Xia Geng for new construction technology. Xu Dongsheng also made a speech to congratulate Shandong Yuanda Keke on the commencement of construction, and also gave full recognition and support to the prospect of the project

Shandong Yuanda Kejian Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 2000 mu in Rushan City. The plant facilities of nearly 200000 square meters in the first phase of the project were completed and put into operation in early 2013. After being completed within two years, it has the production capacity of producing 10 million square meters of large-scale buildable finished products with a sales revenue of more than 30 billion yuan. Shandong Kejian will also be an important export base for Yuanda Kejian and a manufacturing center for spare parts in the industrial chain that can be built to radiate the northern market

Kejian is the most profound revolution in human history It will give everyone on earth the opportunity to live in truly safe, healthy and comfortable houses, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and pollutants in buildings by more than five times, extend the life of buildings by more than 10 times, and leave steel wealth instead of concrete waste for future generations. All these may be equivalent to the sum of the benefits of the "industrial revolution" and the "information revolution" to mankind. Kejian invented products with 9-degree earthquake resistance, 5 times energy saving and 20 times purification. It has created 3 times of material saving, 4 times of work efficiency, and 1% of building garbage Ninety three percent are made in factories. Five floors a day, two floors Two thirds of the conventional construction cost. Jianjian will change the construction project from "chaotic bidding" to "clear order", completely overturning the construction business model. Kejian will change construction workers from floating occupations to fixed occupations, from "two high and two low" (high industrial injury, high pollution, low technology and low income), to "two low and two high", and completely eliminate "migrant workers" At the same time, Kejian will completely eliminate the quality risk, construction period risk and budget risk faced by construction investors... Kejian will bring the construction industry from the 19th century to the 21st century Finally, it occupies one third of the global construction market





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