Nine Phoenix wooden door simplicity is not equal t

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Wooden door is an indispensable part of home decoration, and a good simple and fashionable wooden door is favored by consumers

simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is the extension of design and ideas after careful consideration and innovation, rather than simple "stacking" and flat "placement"

-- simple

wooden doors are simple

but not simple

pursue a higher level of realm

simple and delicate design, use simple and practical, natural and environmental protection to make up for the empty home, and cater to the unique personality of modern people who do not stick to one style, show it incisively and vividly, and let you feel the simple but not simple fashion beauty

for the design of modern simple style doors, the modeling is concise, making the indoor space open and transparent inside and outside

the decorative shape is simple and lively. It is often designed into a strong shape with straight lines, and great attention is paid to the handling of details. With simple and chic wooden door lines, the modern sense of fashion and simplicity is imminent

there are not too many shapes, but more horizontal and vertical. Even if there are decorations, they are simple lines or shapes. It reveals an attitude towards life. Work and life should be simplified, and daily life should be full of sunshine

minimalism uses the physical technique of natural combination to blend the lines, shapes, light and space of objects, giving full play to the natural beauty of design. The simple style wooden door is simple, eliminating the false and preserving the true. It is thick and steady between opening and closing, forming a simple but powerful image. It can be said that modern beauty lies in simplicity, elegance and tranquility

as a classic and durable Jiufeng wooden door, it is easier to integrate into your life in its simple form, and better provide you with a new experience of fashion home




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