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Precautions for toilet decoration decoration is no longer regretful

1 When buying materials, you must first calculate the approximate consumption. When buying waterway materials, I thought that after making the waterway map, the amount of materials used would come out, so I trusted the foreman a little. Later, I found that I bought 5 meters more water pipes, 27 copper heads were actually used, and 40 were actually bought. There should be 13 left, and 7 were actually left, and 6 were short. After repeated inquiries, the foreman found six copper heads who "accidentally mixed elsewhere" from other construction sites. The circuit calculated the materials in detail in advance, and the calculated results were compared with the requirements of the Foreman: the wire was changed from 30 meters to 12 meters, the network cable was changed from 20 meters to 13 meters, and other large differences such as insulating tape and plugs were corrected by me

2. If there is an old sewer on the ground, it is often damaged when smashing the ground. Don't hesitate to lay new ones, don't save, so as to ensure safety

3. Don't abandon the sunken storage space on the bathroom wall. It's easy to use and beautiful to stick ceramic tiles. Of course, the wa trade union thinks it's troublesome to say "ugly" and "it's not popular now". Hehe, don't be fooled. He wants to be lazy

4. Don't use edge closing lines in the external corners of ceramic tiles. It's beautiful to have the Tilers grind the 45 degree angle splicing. If you don't mention the Tilers, of course, they choose to do things in a lazy way

5. When installing sealing cement for aluminum-plastic pipes, workers must be on site to supervise workers to reserve expansion space for hot water pipes according to construction standards. In short, don't seal the aluminum-plastic pipe firmly. It's better to loosen it

6. If the floor of the toilet is higher than the hall, it can be solved by the transition of the door stone

7. If you add a pipe to move the sewer inlet, you should check whether the old sewer is unblocked before the new pipe is connected with the old sewer inlet. At this time, you should spend money to dredge it to avoid a lot of trouble in the future

8. There is no need to buy aluminum gusset plates with high prices at all. The effect of very cheap aluminum gusset plates is far better than that of PVC. No matter how much money you spend, you can't see a significantly different effect

9. When buying aluminum gusset plates, you should pay special attention to the keel rather than the aluminum gusset plate itself (the goal of aluminum gusset plates is too large to be easy to do hands and feet), and there are often ghosts on the keel

10. It's difficult to find a satisfactory color of the floor tile, so I didn't find it, but the staggered mosaic of two dissatisfied colors and a 45 degree angle can achieve the effect I'm very satisfied with. This is a good suggestion put forward by the bricklayer himself

11. The waterproof agent on the ground should be used under supervision. My bricklayer doesn't pour it on the ground as required. Can it be even! It's really not good. You'd better do it yourself. It's no trouble but rest assured

12. The slope of the toilet floor should be considered before laying bricks. The slope according to the national standard can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use odor proof floor drain or ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly aggravate the difficulty of drainage. Some people say that the slope is not beautiful, which I think is nonsense. On the contrary, it is a very comfortable thing that the water with a larger slope can run clean quickly

13. LG platinum fire-proof board used for cabinet door has a good effect, but if it is redecorated, it may be considered to customize the finished door board. The hand-made door is not exquisite, only for reference

14. The price of famous brands in the sink market is not cheap, and the quality of miscellaneous brands is crazy

15. It is best to use fire-proof board for balcony cabinet door. The balcony has a bad environment

16. When making the toilet basin cabinet, you should first consider the size of the basin, so as not to be unable to fit it in the future

17. Glass is a heavy thing. It's best to buy it nearby, or think about the transportation method first

18. When installing the door lock, pay attention to wax the lock tongue. If it is damaged, it will be late to wax it again. If there is no door stopper, pay attention to prevent the handle from hitting the wall and damaging it

19. Matte paint is more beautiful than highlights. Don't listen to the painter. If the painter says matte is not easy to brush, it must be its poor technology. Similarly, if the painter says that polyester is not as good as polyurethane, he is also lying to you

20 Insulating tape and raw material tape are not bought in small stores. The quality of large supermarkets is obviously much better, and the quantity is sufficient. The converted price is not expensive

21. If you choose finished putty instead of talc powder for redecoration, there is no big reason to think that finished putty is easy to use. Especially when I DIY after firing the painter -- I'm bored with mixing putty with talc powder

22. The project of installing the junction box of leakage protector and air switch cannot be saved, and it should not be placed outdoors, but indoors. Originally, the old junction box outside the door was intended to save money. The electrician suggested replacing it indoors. Now I find his suggestion very valuable. It's not ugly to put it behind the indoor door. It's really convenient to use

23. It may be more appropriate to directly find the workers on the construction site of the large decoration company to do the cleaning work. Moreover, the technology is relatively good and the tools are relatively "advanced"

24. Leakage protectors and air switches should be brand-name ones. I use "Mei Lan RI Lan". If you want to buy genuine goods, it's easy to call Meilan Zilan directly to check the phone number of its headquarters, and then call it to ask for the number of its local branch

25. The basin under the stage is more delicate, beautiful and easy to clean than the basin on the stage

26. Pay attention to the faucet under the platform. Considering the thickness of the basin edge, the faucet mouth should be longer

27. The hole before the toilet is installed is so big that the floor drain cover can fall off. If your floor drain has been installed but the toilet is not installed, be sure to pay attention to the floor drain cover, or put it away and keep it elsewhere

28. If you buy silica gel, Ge imported is absolutely the best, followed by GE packaged in Shanghai. Of course, if it is used in very unimportant places, the 7 or 8 yuan can also be used. For example, I use garbage grade silicone to block up the interior of the aluminum alloy window frame. However, all toilets and kitchens use GE silicone, which is worth it

29. The triangle valve should not be omitted, and it will not save much money. If there is a triangle valve, the installation of the triangle valve can find out whether there is water leakage at the copper joint in advance. If it is not installed, the internal connection installed at that time can be checked for water leakage only when the faucet is finally installed to connect the pipe to the copper joint. Because the water leakage can only be tested after being pressurized for a period of time, it is not safe to install the internal connection and faucet at last

30. My diary has talked about what decoration should do. If you can do it yourself, you can do it yourself. If you can't do it, you should also use an idea. Please communicate more with the designer and the construction team, because it depends on them to realize your idea

31. The biggest problem of decoration is communication

32. In small places, the kitchen cabinet is designed as a door type, BH. It shall be designed as L-shape

33. In general decoration, excluding the management fees, taxes, material costs, etc. of formal decoration companies, 75-80% and wages account for 20-25%

34. Running water pipes on the ground outside the kitchen and bathroom is a time bomb for your family. Who can tell when to make trouble for yourself

35. If the pipes are threaded separately, but in one slot, will it have a great impact? The impact is tolerable

36 What is the separation between the dining room and the living room? It's the most cost-effective to wrap the door pocket. It's only 6cm on the side, or it's mixed with white oil. It's 2 meters high, so it doesn't look big

37. Strong and weak electricity should be transmitted separately. It is best to walk separately, with a distance of more than 10 cm, but it is not easy to do so, because most families open a slot to save money. The sound cable can be threaded into the same tube of weak current

38. The interior of the furniture can be painted and pasted. After it is done, open the cabinet door and the door and window of the home for ventilation, until there is no pungent smell. In fact, you use good wood core board, and the interior of furniture is not treated

39. The cabinet can use 15 cm board and wood core board, and the back can use five clips, five cm. The door and drawer should be nine centimeters. The materials used in different processes are different

40. PPR pipes are not only suitable for cold water pipelines, but also for hot water pipelines, and even pure drinking water pipelines. The interface of PPR pipe adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely integrated together, so once the installation and pressure test pass, there will be no water leakage. And PPR tube will not scale. PPR pipe is known as never scaling, never rusting, never leaking, green high-grade water supply material

41. The paint board is good, and has the advantages of solid wood and composite

42. Don't put wet prints on artificial stones for a long time, unless you want to dry a printing table; Don't put the wet cutting board on the table for a long time. The wood sometimes fades when it is wet; Wiping a stain with a steel ball is like squeezing a zit with your hand

43. Can the gas meter be sealed in the cabinet with ordinary door? Do you need to use the shutter type cabinet door? Just open it regularly and check the ventilation

44. Please pay attention to the TX of the contractor, and be sure to verify the material list given to you by the decoration team. I may estimate that I believe them too much. As a result, I bought almost twice as many wires and conduits

45. The size of sanitary ware must be well planned. It is best to draw a sketch in advance and calculate the size

46. Students who buy finished doors should pay attention to that if you want to pursue the effect and wrap the door pocket with the panel matching the business, you may be killed

47. Re: do you want to buy the faucet, basin and sink before installing the water pipe

no, just make sure where is the basin faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machine faucet and so on. 99% of the faucets and water falls comply with international norms. As long as the workers are not careless, it's all right. If you make your own basin cabinet, you need to buy the basin in advance, or be optimistic about the size. Determine the size of the sink in front of the measuring table, and buy it in front of the installation table. In addition, don't forget whether it is under the stage or on the stage. The distance between hot and cold water pipes must be accurate 15 cm before sealing with cement tiles, and must be parallel. If you have bought it, you'd better install it and unload it after sealing it

48. If you use an 8-core network cable to connect the phone and the network at the same time, will it interfere with each other? can't. 1, 2, 3 and 6 are on the network cable module, 4 and 5 are on the telephone module, and the other two are random That's right. My experience is that you need to use both 10m and 100m. In fact, we won't feel any difference in terms of 10/100m speed If you use an 8pin line, some SPC exchange signals will cause interference to the network signals. Generally, there will be no problem in the home environment. Don't worry. It can be wired like this, but I still recommend separating it to leave some margin for the future. The network cable is very cheap, don't you think

49. Be sure to check the installation of the distribution box

50. The lesson of installing faucets: the pipes connected to the faucets of bathtubs and showers are embedded in the wall. I have repeatedly told them to be accurate in size and not to fail to install them at that time. As a result, the distance between the hot and cold water pipes was 15 cm, but the hot and cold water pipes were not parallel. As a result, the water and electricity workers had to work hard to install them. Yesterday, I found that the coating of my FB Gaoyi thermostatic faucet was cracked. If you can install the faucet first, install it first. It should be to buy the faucet first, then install hot and cold water pipes and stick tiles




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