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Problems needing attention in wardrobe franchise and how to choose wardrobe manufacturers

editor in chief today summarizes the problems needing attention in choosing wardrobe franchise industry. Let's put aside the wardrobe and join the industry. Before choosing any investment, we must first have a plan and how much capital we plan to invest? Which industry are you going to invest in? How much do you know about this industry? What is the market prospect of this industry? How is this industry developing locally? What support is needed? Let's focus on the above issues

the investment in the wardrobe industry is mainly based on the size of the store you choose to open. The size of the store needs to be determined according to the local market research. For example, the 80 square meter storefront of Kelaifu wardrobe plus the decoration samples is about 150000, the 100 square meter storefront needs about 200000, and the 150 square meter storefront is about 300000. The wardrobe industry is also a sunrise industry, especially the customized wardrobe. Because it better meets the needs of consumers, it can still develop healthily and prosperously in today's depressed home building materials industry

let's talk about support. It is very important for wardrobe franchisees to choose manufacturers. Choosing cooperative manufacturers in the early stage is not only considering the manufacturer's preferential policies (decoration subsidies, sample discounts, etc.), but also considering the supply of goods in the later stage. If a manufacturer only provides these supports, and does not care about the later operation, then you can imagine that this is to let franchisees embark on the road of self destruction? The manufacturer must provide necessary training, and professional operation managers must visit regularly to assist in operation. These Kelaifu wardrobes do better. Kelaifu wardrobe forces its partners to participate in training, and adopts the principle of no training, no delivery. The operation manager must visit the door every month to help open the store





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